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    Are you worried about using prescription medications know to have potentially life threatening side effects?

Or are you simply fed up with trying other products, That do absolutely nothing for you!

Now you have the choice of an effective herbal alternative formulated specifically for Erectile Dysfunction sufferers
Simply Put!, Get the benefits: - Without the same side effects.
  Panalt Super 300mg Check List   
  Panalt works within 30 minutes
  Effects of up to 80 hours or more are known
  No known side effects
  Made from Natural & Herbal active ingredients

  Herbal Formula  
Panalt Tablets are formulated using natural herbal technology known for effectiveness and performance.    Only herbal ingredients selected for their purity and potency are used in this advanced formula. Others have tried to copy the Panalt formula, and have not succeeded, because of their inability to obtain the same herbal effectiveness!
  Panalt out performs the best  
The fast onset time of 20 - 30 minutes and the duration time of up to 80 hours per single dose of Panalt Super 300 sets it firmly apart from the rest.
Those loyal to our old Panalt 150mg Tablet will testify that this product was true to it's word in every respect.

Our new Panalt 300mg Super 300 has twice the amount of active ingredients to it's predecessor, for a far more empowering sexual experience!

Those new to our product will just enjoy the incredible benefits, whilst our old loyal customers will continue to smile more broadly...
  The secret to Panalt's ultimate performance is by the use of modern Nanotechnoloy extraction processing
Nano Extraction results in micro fine particle size, resulting in quicker absorption and greater effect.

  What sets Panalt apart from the rest  
Forget about the "take one a day supplement"
Panalt's effectiveness is unique! You just take it 30 minutes before you need it! That simple
Better still, take one Panalt on Friday evening and you are adequately covered to perform the whole weekend!
  Statistically Panalt is Better  
Product Name Onset Time Effective No of Hours Has Side Effects? Prescription req
ViagraViagra TM Viagra plus minus45 Minutes Viagra duration4 hours Many Required
CialisCialis TM Cialis plus minus30 Minutes - 1 Hour Cialis duration36 hours Many Required
TM Levitra plus minus30 minutes Levitra duration4 hours Moderate Required
Panalt Panlat TM Panalt plus minus 30 Minutes Up To 80 hours None None
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